HID iClass 212X Smart Card + Prox - 26 Bit, 27 Bit, 37 Bit

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HID 212X iClass Multi-Technology Smart Cards feature both 13.56MHz iClass read/write smart card technology and 125kHz proximity technology in a single Composite 40% Polyester / PVC card.

When ordering multi-technology format credentials, you will have the option to provide both the facility code and unique start serial number to program iClass and proximity, should you choose to program either. If you have a Corporate 1000 Format (35-Bit and 48-Bit), contact us.

iCLASS Bit Format Options: H10301 26-Bit, H10307 27-Bit, H10304 37-Bit, H10302 37-Bit (No serial)
iCLASS Facility Code Range: 0-255 (For 26-Bit)
iCLASS Number Range: 0-65,435 (For 26-Bit)

Prox Bit Format Options: H10301 26-Bit, H10302 37-Bit, C10106 40-Bit (More options available. Contact us)
Prox Facility Code Range: Depends on Format (Required for 26-Bit)
Prox Number Range: Depends on Format

Your facility code and current serial number range can typically be found on the label of the latest box of credentials you have. For assistance finding this information for ordering, please contact us.

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