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Due to cargo delays, supply shortages, and disruption in production that has hit the microchip industry, all card manufacturers are reporting delays in materials and programming turnaround time. Some products are delayed as far out as 4-6 weeks — with a current average of 3 weeks. It is strongly encouraged that you keep your order and hold your place in line, as this issue is on the card manufacturer level and we have the highest priority among other authorized sellers.

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Q: Where is my order? The order status when logged in says "awaiting fulfillment."

A: Currently, our fulfillment system is not linked to accounts. You are welcome to contact us and ask for a current status, where a representative can manually look up your order and give you an update. Please keep in mind that all orders are custom-to-order, and there is a 5-7 business day materials and programming stage before the order is shipped. (HID cards may take a few days longer)

Q: I selected 2-Day shipping. Does that mean I will get it in 2 days?

A: The shipment option you choose will be the shipment type AFTER the 5-7 business day materials and programming stage. So, if you choose 2-Day shipping, the order will be shipped AFTER the 5-7 day period. (HID cards may take a few days longer) Otherwise, Ground shipping is generally an additional 3-5 days.

Q: I want unprogrammed cards, but it requires me to enter a FC and card range?

A: Please contact us directly. Depending on the brand and format, some cards and credentials may not be available unprogrammed. We can look this information up for you.

Q: I want to order prox cards, but I have no idea what I need to order?

A: This is a great resource to learn what type of prox card you have. If you need further assistance, please contact us and a representative can help you order the right cards for your system.

Q: Can I return my cards?

A: We will offer an exchange if we or the card manufacturer incorrectly programs your cards/credentials. We have a strict no return and exchange policy — which is standard in the prox card industry — if your order matches the cards you receive, as these credentials are custom programmed to each customer.

Q: I have a defect or the cards are incorrectly programmed. What do I do?

A: To initiate, please contact us right away. To expedite this service, provide an image of the cards/credentials and a picture of the order label.