HID 1326 Clamshell Prox Card - 37 Bit H10302

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The Wiegand 125kHz proximity format is 37-bit (also referred to as the H10302 format).

When ordering 37-bit H10302 format HID-branded credentials, HID controls the issuing of credential numbers and does not duplicate the numbers. You will be given an auto-populated card number range that is unique. 

The default part number for this card format will be 1326LSSMV. If you prefer different options, please contact us.

Bit Format: 37 (125kHz) / H10302
Facility Code Range: N/A
Number Range: 0–4,294,967,295
Compatible Products: Schlage (XceedID) 7410 and Identiv 4000

For assistance finding this information for ordering, please contact us.


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