How to Identify the Type of Prox Card You Have and Save Money

Posted by Steve M. on 10th Nov 2017

Many organizations purchase proximity cards from their access control service provider and don't think twice about how much money they spend when re-ordering batches. Some access control companies sell cards at or even well above MSRP value!

The good news is that you can easily find out what type of card you have to be able to price shop online for more affordable options, including genuine HID cards or compatible alternatives like Identiv and Allegion. prides in having the most competitive prices available online for most access control card formats.

So, what type of card do I have?

First, look at the information on the front or back of the prox card. There are many manufacturers of prox cards but each card may contain physical markings printed on the card actual card.

These markings may help you determine:

  • The manufacturer
  • The card format
  • The site and facility code
  • The card ID range number

If you're not able to find this information on the card, you can also look at the label on the box of where your cards are stored. In most cases, all of the information is on that one label alone.

Still having issues?

No problem! Contact us and we'll help you find it. We can see if we can find the information in your access control software (if you have access to it), or you can send us a card and we can extract the information for you! — free of charge.