Save Money on HID-Compatible, Generic Proximity Cards

Posted by Steve M. on 20th Oct 2017

Proximity cards play a vital role in the physical security of a company, often used to limit parking access, gate access, building (door) access, and can even be used to restrict access to computer hardware and software. Historically proximity cards have been expensive, until recently with new quality HID Compatible or Generic cards in the market.

Save Money!

Proximity cards are now available through several brands, because some of the original patents on this technology have expired. With more competition in this sector, the price of proximity cards went down. has partnered with manufacturers to offer high quality generic 125 kHz proximity and 13.56 MHz smart card technology badges & cards, key fobs, tags and wearable wristbands at much lower prices than name-brand credentials. In addition to delivering the same performance as the industry’s biggest name brand products like HID, Kantech, NXP, and Keri, generic cards are ISO compliant, universally compatible with all 125Hkz proximity readers.

No risk to try!

Request a free sample of any generic proximity credential from Just provide us with the bit and format information and we can have a sample sent to you in just a matter of days!